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Pledge A Protester

Last year 100+ Pledge a Protester donors helped us raise over $5500 during our Pledge a Protester campaign and we hope you will join us in blowing last years fundraising total out of the water!

 How does Pledge-A-Protester Work? 

Starting September 28, 2016 - November 6th a Raleigh-area abortion care facility will be the target of a 40-day period of anti-choice protest that results in increased harassment for abortion patients on the street outside the clinic.

Rather than sit back and let this increased harassment happen unchallenged, we fight back with the Pledge a Protester campaign!

Each day the clinic is open, clinic escorts (volunteers who stand outside and greet clinic patients) will count the protesters harassing the clinic. Each protester who shows up is added to the running total raised to fund abortion in NC - and the escorts make sure to update the clinic harassers on the daily totals!

When you pledge a protester one of two things happen:

1.  The protesters will take notice that their presence results in increased abortion access, and stop showing up.

2. The protesters continue showing up, raising more money for abortion access.

It is a win-win with your help! 

How to Pledge-A-Protester?

If you would like to make a per protester pledge, you can do so HERE

If you would prefer to make a one-time donation that will be added to our running total, please complete the donation form!